Bath Guest Houses

Bath is a place where thousands of tourists flock to every year all drawn in by the history, and architecture that that this town boasts. The winding cobbled streets lead the way to some of the town's most quaint alleys which front the best in Baths guest house accommodation. First discovered by the Celts approximately 2000 years ago, and then settled by the Romans a couple of hundred years later. The beautiful valleys all lined in lush green trees and colourful farmlands that surround this ancient Roman town only serve to amplify the city's majesty.

Today Bath is famous for the Roman Baths which were discovered in 43 AD during a time when the Roman Empire was expanding. The Romans unlike the Celts were the first to discover the hot springs of this little town where only a temple existed deserted by the Celts many years ago. The Romans added to the Celtic Temple in honour of their goddess of wisdom and war, the temple was named Sulis Minerva. Local stone and lead found in the Mendip hills were used to trap the hot springs so they could be utilized by the Roman people.

In 2006 a lottery funded project was completed which combined both the restoration of timeless buildings and a state-of-the-art leisure spa, which remains the United Kingdom's only natural hot water spa. The spa is equipped with many ancient and modern treatments including a tepidarium (warm bath) inside the building and on the rooftop which stays open into the early evening, a great place to watch the sun set upon one of the UK's most naturally stunning cities. Because of the town's intimate plan, everything can be explored on foot, which allows tourists to really feel and experience all that is on offer. From the steps of the outstanding centrally located Bath guest houses the trip of a lifetime starts.

In a town previously called Aqua Sulis meaning water of Sul after the Roman goddess even the most discerning guest can find comfort, whether he or she is looking for a relaxing weekend break or perhaps a holiday, offering the chance to explore some of the city's more wild opportunities. Bath guest houses showcase some of the most marvellous accommodation on offer, whether modern or traditional, rest assured the best accommodation experience is almost guaranteed in these tastefully decorated and friendly establishments.

Bath guest houses are fully equipped with the most contemporary facilities and amenities, easily ensuring that guests experience the most comfortable stay possible. These unique forms of accommodation possess delicately designed single, double, twin and family rooms and may offer fantastic views from the rooms. The large windows and high ceilings warrant a fresh and healthy atmosphere making each room a place of unrivalled luxury. En suite bathrooms and flat screen TV’s complete this marvellous picture.

Guest houses in Bath blend both the modern and the traditional and are a great place to make your base before setting out to discover all that this historical town has to offer.